Friends of Granger Paths

Granger Path 5K and Family Run

May 19th, 2019
Discovery Middle School/ Horizon Elementary
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Waiver and Release-READ BEFORE SIGNING

I appreciate and assume all risks (known and unknown) of participating in and/or volunteering at the Friends of Granger Paths 5k & 1 mile Walk (i.e. Granger Paths Races), such as personal injury/disability (whether temporary or permanent), death, falling, contact and/or interaction with others, poor conditions of the course, extreme heat, storms, weather, and/or vehicular traffic. I warrant that I (and/or any individual for whom I am registering) am medically and sufficiently able to participate in and/or volunteer at the Friends of Granger Paths Races and realize that all participants and volunteers are solely responsible for their own safety. With this knowledge, and for valuable consideration (including acceptance of this registration), I, for myself, the registrant, and/or any individual for whom I am the guardian, and all heirs, family members, agents, executors, assigns, and all other associated persons and/or entities, COVENANT NOT TO SUE, WAIVE ALL CLAIMS AGAINST, AND RELEASE the Friends of Granger Path's Races sponsors, contributors, planners/organizers, marketing team, operators, managers, committee members, volunteers, and associated persons and entities, as well as the Friends of Granger Paths, Getmeregistered.com, Granger Township, Penn Harris Madison School District, St. Joseph County Indiana and all respective officials, agents, representatives, officers, directors, members, attorneys, successors, and assigns (collectively the "Released Parties"), jointly and severally, from all actions, suits, causes of action, claims, costs (including attorneys' fees) and/or demands, whether caused by the negligence of any or all of the Released Parties, any third-party(ies), or otherwise, foreseen or unforeseen, arising from and/or related to participation in and/or volunteering at the Friends of Granger Paths Races (including, but not limited to, all incidents thereto, the above-referenced risks, and demand(s) for refunds/damages in the event of cancellation/delay). If such a claim is brought, and/or if I registered for another participant and/or volunteer without being duly authorized to do so, I (and/or my heir(s), estate, guardian(s), executor(s), administrator(s) or similar claimant(s), as the case may be) will indemnify the Released Parties for such claim(s) (including reasonable attorneys' fees). The name, age, finishing time, image, and/or likeness of each participant and/or volunteer may be used in photographs, videos, advertising, publicity, record-keeping, and for similar purposes, without notice or compensation. The construction of this Waiver and Release (which I have reviewed and understand) will be pursuant to Indiana law. This Waiver and Release shall be construed to the fullest extent allowed under law. If any portion of this Waiver and Release is deemed to be void, the parties agree to modify it such that it is enforceable to the closest effect allowed under law to its original form. If such a provision cannot be modified, it is severable and the remaining portion(s) will remain in full force and effect.